What makes a Paths of Peace portable labyrinth unique and unsurpassed in quality?

Each is an individual work of hand-drawn and hand-painted art designed specifically for the client’s needs, including deep colors for contrast in low-light conditions. Other labyrinths on the market are mass-produced and machine printed with muted colors. Still others are taped and painted, creating uneven edges and inconsistent quality. Keeping the Art in labyrinth making is the mission of Paths of Peace.

Paths of Peace canvas labyrinths are professionally sewn of high quality, natural, unbleached, No. 12 duck cotton canvas which has been the standard in the canvas labyrinth industry for over 20 years. Some labyrinths on the market use a lightweight “polycanvas” polyester material that wrinkles extensively and doesn’t lay flat, creating potential tripping and slipping hazards.  


The seams and hems on Paths of Peace labyrinths are double stitched, hems are twice ironed and double folded, wide and flat for a more professional finish and improved function.

Every Paths of Peace labyrinth is designed to scale, using sacred geometric ratios and principles.

Paths of Peace labyrinths are created solely by Lisa Gidlow Moriarty to ensure premium quality. Lisa has decades of sewing, painting and labyrinth training and experience that is unmatched by any other source on the market today.

Creativity, grace and an eye to perfection are key elements in a Paths of Peace labyrinth. While the same labyrinth pattern may be produced repeatedly, each is considered a new work of art and made with the intention of creating sacred space that will be valued for many years. It is recongnized that labyrinths are tools for spirituality, healing, meditation, self-reflection, personal transformation and prayer. Paths of Peace labyrinths are made with care and understanding that honors and supports this significant purpose.

Lisa completes final detailing on a portable labyrinth.

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