All orders are custom, each is individually created. Pre-payment in full is required to begin processing the order. Contact Paths of Peace to begin the order process, so that we can create the very best labyrinth for your unique needs. 


Paths of Peace offers precision replicas of historic and contemporary labyrinth designs. 

Every Paths of Peace labyrinth is hand drawn and hand painted. We do not use machines, printers or computers. The labyrinths are shipped complete and ready-to-use, hand-painted on canvas #12 duck in a durable storage container along with a care packet with ideas for use.

A Paths of Peace labyrinth is an investment in walkable art. Each canvas labyrinth is custom made to order, not mass produced or machine printed. Each design is created integrating elements of sacred geometry and precision detailing, whether a personal size 12 foot design or one large enough to fill a room.

On 12 to 20 foot designs our standard perimeter shape is square as is preferred to offer corner spaces for floor pillows, altars, finger labyrinth stations. Octagon perimeter is also available by special order. On larger labyrinths, the standard perimeter shape is octagon, though square is also available on request.

Drawn Only – Paint Yourself (DO-PY) available in all patterns, and comes with detailed painting instructions and a supply list.

Pricing is largely determined by the size of the canvas.

New 2019 pricing

12 ft labyrinth – $900 fully painted, $600 DO-PY
15 ft labyrinth – $1,500 fully painted, $1,000 DO-PY
18 ft labyrinth – $1,800 fully painted, $1,300 DO-PY
20 ft labyrinth – $2,000 fully painted, $1,500 DO-PY
24 ft labyrinth – $2,700 fully painted, $2,000 DO-PY  
30 ft labyrinth – $3,000 fully painted, $2,200 DO-PY
36 ft labyrinth
– $3,300 fully painted, $2,400 DO-PY  

Other sizes and fabrics available. All designs may be customized and modifued. Please refer to the FAQs for additional information.

In addition to the featured designs, Paths of Peace has created custom designs for many unique situations, events and ministries. If you have a special request or idea, please email to discuss the possibilities.