Lisa Gidlow Moriarty is a professional labyrinth designer and master labyrinth maker. With a Fine Arts degree in Design, Lisa has 40 years of experience in large scale fiber and fabric installations, and has been making labyrinths professionally since 1999.  She creates precise replicas of historic labyrinth patterns as well as contemporary designs. As a production artist, Lisa makes dozens of portable labyrinths every year, each one a hand-painted work of walkable, interactive art intended to create a peaceful environment for contemplation, healing, meditation, prayer, creativity, problem solving, conflict resolution, reconciliation or team building.

Lisa is an Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator and Master Labyrinth Builder with training and certification through Veriditas (Lauren Artress) and Labyrinth Enterprises (Robert Ferré) and is considered the most prolific labyrinth builder in the USA. She is an internationally known speaker on the history, design and use of labyrinths.  Lisa frequently travels internationally to experience and research ancient labyrinths, and leads pilgrimages to sacred sites, including an annual walking pilgrimage to Chartres, France.  Lisa also organizes group tours to labyrinth locations.

Using her art training and experience, Lisa offers inspirational “Art & Spirit” creativity playshops where participants learn basics about drawing labyrinths and making temporary labyrinths out of found items, and/or creating personal labyrinths in canvas, ceramics and other media. These creative experiences are available through art studios or on location as a part of a retreat, conference break-out, community education class, evening workshop or corporate team building exercise.

In addition to portable labyrinths, Lisa provides expert consultation, site visits and full installation of permanent labyrinths in both indoor and outdoor settings. She works with architects, landscape and interior designers and construction engineers, as well as groups, schools and individuals in the best design, materials and installation method for each unique location. See a partial list of past clients.   

Lisa also specializes in working with volunteer groups to co-create a portable or permanent labyrinth, providing tools, technique instruction and supervision, and often preceded by introductory community programs to educate about the history and use of labyrinths.

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