Whether you need an introductory presentation to initiate a project, ideas for fundraising, a visual presentation on the history and uses of labyrinths or ongoing programming such as tours, retreats or work/playshops, we can individually create exciting programs to address the interests of your audience.

Creative Spirituality is the foundation for Playshops (aka workshops) led by artist and master labyrinth maker/designer, Lisa Gidlow Moriarty. Lisa is a spiritual director, advanced labyrinth facilitator and has a Fine Arts Degree in Design and Fiber. She began teaching art in the mid-1960s when she formed home art classes for neighborhood children. Lisa has been creating large custom fabric and fiber installations since 1978, and currently her installations focus primarily with labyrinths. Lisa’s designs and creations are in private and public locations around the USA and internationally.

Art & Spirit Playshops offer creative opportunities for participants to explore and experience sacred art. This utilizes the belief that each of us are creators, with life journeys that inform and influence how we express ourselves and incorporate personal symbolism and imagery.  Lisa gracefully invites participants into the creative process and inspires unique personal expression with depth and a sense of sacredness.

Playshops are offered regularly at greater Twin Cities area locations and can be individually arranged for private groups at a location of your choice anywhere in the world.

Playshops can be offered as a breakout session for larger conferences, as a special event, or in addition to a labyrinth presentation and/or labyrinth walking experience using a Paths of Peace canvas labyrinth or at an existing labyrinth location.

Playshop topics are not limited to those listed herein. Contact Lisa for possibilities for original and unique ideas and topics limited only by the imagination.  A playshop can be fashioned for a specific theme, celebration or event. Let the creative juices flow!

Contact Lisa for pricing and exploration of ideas for your unique setting and audience:



Intro to Labyrinths

A photographic PowerPoint presentation on the history and use of labyrinths is also available, tailored specifically to your audience.

Create Your Own Ceramic Labyrinth

Working in local ceramic studios, participants gently form a fingerwalk labyrinth from the mud of the earth. Patterns, materials, tools and instruction are provided. Professional kiln firing and glazing are available. Create a beautiful labyrinth for yourself or as a gift for someone special, a one-of-a-kind piece of sacred art for years of enjoyment.

Create Your Own Personal Prayer Labyrinth

Participants use the labyrinth to explore colors, symbols and images of personal significance, and with guidance, express these on a 60 inch hemmed cotton canvas to create a personal size piece of walkable art suitable for display, large enough to walk and small enough to fit in any home. All materials and instruction are provided – no experience required.

Labyrinths Anytime, Anywhere

Explore the labyrinth as a creative process, making temporary tabletop designs using a fantastically fun collection of materials and, perhaps, a fabric labyrinth to take home. Beads, rubbing, paints, sand or other materials available for personal creativity. Patterns can also be translated to large garden sizes. Materials and instruction provided, no experienced needed. A great way to learn to make labyrinths, small and large.

Create Your Own Sacred Drum – Drum Making

Drums have been an important tool of all indigenous cultures, for communication, healing and ceremony. Connect with your ancestors and make a sacred drum of your very own. We honor and use sustainably harvested wood and animal hide combined with your strength, spirit and intention to co-create a new instrument having a voice and song that is uniquely yours.


Playshops may also include a facilitated walk on a portable canvas labyrinth from the Paths of Peace collection of rental labyrinths.



Lisa co-leads an annual September walking pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres in France. Limited to six women, we meet in Paris and spend a day exploring ancient pilgrimage sites. The group then engages on a 3-day walk across the French countryside, staying in hotels along the route, and ultimately arriving in Chartres on the third day. An additional three days are in Chartres exploring the cathedral with private time in the crypt and on the labyrinth. Contact Lisa for more information.

In addition, Lisa provides


We work with architects, landscapers, businesses, organizations, churches, schools and individuals to determine the best design and solution for each unique setting and intended usage. No project is too small or too large.


We provide experienced installation services and partner with national experts, local contractors, groups or individual homeowners to co-create all types of labyrinths, in a variety of materials, from canvas to concrete, private gardens to public parks.


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